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The Sharada Mandir School Campus spread over an area of approxiamtely 15,000 sq.mts, opens a variety of windows of opportunity for its students. It has a playground and indoor facilities for sports, three libraries for book lovers, the Stores for the convenience of the parents and students, three science laboratories, with an assistant for each lab, for our young scientists, two computer laboratories for students to keep up with the changes in latest technology, two auditoriums for cultural programmes, a transformer and two 125KVA generator to supplement power supply, specially during power failures

Four  Counsellors & five Special Educators help to take care of the special needs of the students.

A well-equipped First Aid Centre with a nurse in attendance for the students & staff when they feel unwell.

A canteen to cater to the students and staff during break time.

Toy libraries & Audio Visual Rooms for the students and Staff Computer Rooms for teachers.

Besides offering such facilities, our campus is green and beautiful. It is located opposite the Miramar beach and this provides an idyllic ambience.


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