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P.T.A. Committee
P.T.A. Roles

P.T.A. Roles


A. The Association has the following aims and objectives:

a) To create and foster effective inter-relationship between the parents and the teachers and between parents inter-se.

b) To co-operate in promoting education, sports and general welfare of the students of the School.

c) To render help and co-operation for achieving all-round development of the students.

d) To enable parents and teachers to create a forum for the sharing and exchange of ideas and information in the area of education and improving the student's academic and non academic performance in general.

The PTA of Sharada Mandir School is a very active Association. Our parents are very enthusiastic in supporting every activity that is conducted in the school. They are ever ready to volunteer their services at a moment's notice. Kudos to them!


The following activities are conducted.

Rhythmic Breathing: One of our parents, Mr. V. Betigeri has introduced a few breathing exercises to the teachers and students of the school. Every morning the day begins with the entire school doing the breathing exercises in unison with soft music played over the intercom. Mr. Betigeri has also gone into several classes and spoken to the children on the advantages of rhythmic breathing. Some parents who come to drop their children join in these exercises.

Teachers' Day : The PTA organised a breakfast buffet for the staff. The entire staff was then taken to INOX theatre to watch the movie Chhichhore.

EKTA : The PTA organises a biennial fun-fair on the Campal grounds. The motive behind EKTA every year is bonding between Sharada Mandir students, parents and teachers. All programmes are being planned keeping this in mind.


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