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Administrator's Message
From the School Principal's Desk

Administrator's Message

 When I was offered the opportunity to be the Administrator of Sharada Mandir School 4 years ago, I knew that I would be entering into an institution that has a reputation for providing quality education to its students. My experiences over the last few years have helped forge strong bonds with the Management, Staff, Students and Parents of the school and I find every aspect of my job both satisfying and challenging.

Being at the helm of such a wonderful team is a pleasure and a privilege. All of us at Sharada Mandir School are committed to serve the educational needs of as many children as we can accommodate, and we try our best to give our students an all-round learning experience.

With the co-operation and dedication of all the members of our great team, we hope to go from strength to strength in the years to come.

Mr. Oscar Gonsalves



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